Rust in Production – Servo at Mozilla

Last Tuesday, 4 April, I was able to do a conference at OVH office in Lille about Rust in Production and Mozilla’s Servo project. This meetup organized by OVH was one of the starting point to understand Rust and discover its usage in companies. Like OVH that is recoding some of its services in Rust to boost its usage, Mozilla is now integrated Rust into its own services to existing apps such as Firefox.

But wait, Mozilla is indeed the creator of Rust programing language and has been developping Servo for now more than 5 years. The aim was to boost the Internet usage. Nowadays our internet connection is getting faster and faster (plus we are more and more connected everywhere), but our web browser tends to get old. Actually, the web rendering engines still exploits so less from our computer. Rust was the response to a real need: more parallelism with more security and more efficiency.

So here are the resources with the video conference – only available in French:

Slides & Talk

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